The new smartphone from Oppo – the OnePlus Nord. The name of the smartphone is rather self-explanatory. It is one of the new models coming out from Oppo and it comes with some interesting features. If you are looking for a phone that can fulfill your multimedia needs, the phone from Oppo is an ideal choice. Read on and find out more about the interesting features of this smartphone.

One of the first things about the Oppo smartphone was that it had a dual camera setup. This feature has been improved upon in the onerous nord 2. You can use both the cameras on this smartphone to get the best pictures. The pictures can be easily uploaded onto one of the many photo sharing sites which are present on the internet. oneplus nord 2

One of the unique features of this smartphone is that it comes with a standard photography mode that lets you shoot photos in normal and low-light conditions. The normal mode is perfect for taking images in natural light. The low-light mode on the other hand is used when you need to take photos in low-light conditions such as indoors and outdoors. The standard photography mode of the Oppo smartphone allows you to change the settings of the camera such as white balance, exposure and focus.

There is another interesting feature of the Oppo handset that comes with the price point of Rs 15,000. The main camera of the handset is an ultra slim one, which is just over one inch in size. This gives the device a unique shape, which is very different from others in the market. The body of the smartphone is made up of metal, which is rectangular in shape. The biggest and most important feature of the device is the high resolution camera, which has been introduced with the price of the handset.

With the introduction of monochrome cameras, there is a change in the concept of photography as we know it. Modern phones are now offering more than just monochrome cameras with them. They also offer four colour cameras for more creative shots. Oneplus devices with a monochrome lens have also received warm reviews by users, as they offer better clarity in images.

In the last few years, the smartphone market has witnessed many new and innovative designs of smartphones. Apart from the features and looks, one should carefully consider the battery life of the device when buying one. The Oneplus Nordic 2 has a large 3100 mAh battery which lasts for long hours. The other major difference of this smartphone aside from its stunning design is that it offers a complete smartphone experience with support for both standard photography mode and a selfie camera.

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